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© FAO / Mahmoud Shamrouk

Sudan: Famine risk is real, FAO warns

Millions are on the brink of famine in Sudan but “a window of opportunity” exists for the international community to act now as the main planting season approaches, a senior official with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Friday. 

© Unsplash/Omid Roshan

5 things you should know about ‘clean energy’ minerals and the dirty process of mining them

If the world is to move away from fossil fuels, we will need to extract far more rare minerals, to power renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and solar plants. However, energy experts point out that mining these minerals can be a dirty process, ravaging the environment, and leading to human rights abuses. 

© Unsplash/Samuel Regan-Asante

From extradition risks to broader implications: Human rights expert breaks down Assange case

Ahead of Julian Assange’s upcoming court hearing in the UK, where extradition to the US is a possibility, a UN independent human rights expert has expressed concern about the potential for severe rights violations against the WikiLeaks founder. Alice Jill Edwards cautions that the repercussions of this case could significantly influence global journalism and freedom of speech.