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Global perspective, human stories: The new face of UN News


The United Nations Department of Global Communications is pleased to launch a new one-stop, multimedia news portal: UN News. The changes made are the results of an intensive research on the use and needs of our audience.


We want UN News to be the entry point that can help you navigate the work of the United Nations easily, whether it is on peace, development or human rights, refugees or nuclear weapons, and discover the human stories behind it. We also want you to quickly access top news stories, special reports, magazine programmes, feature pieces and human-interest stories with elements of audio, video, graphics and text, for a complete multimedia experience.


From our newsroom, our editorial team creates news stories across eight languages daily based on news, campaigns, major initiatives, and other materials that our UN partners provide us with. Our producers interview UN staff in the field and in our studios, as well as the beneficiaries of their work.


You can access the new stories via our new platform, but you can also sign up to e-mail subscription alerts, follow us on the UN News or UN Audio Channels app available for iOS and Android devices or on our social media. You can also save a story using the Pocket function and read it later, create playlists, and share our content via a vast array of tools.


We are very happy for you to use, feature and repurpose our content. However, please give attribution to UN News, link back to our site. and observe copyright obligations when it comes to use of photo, graphics, audio and video content. If in doubt, please reach out to us using our contact pageat 


[We look forward to your feedback.]