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Members of the Tierra Grata in northern Colombia continue to build their community.
Marcos Guevara
Members of the Tierra Grata in northern Colombia continue to build their community.

Building peace, one project at a time in Colombia

Peace and SecurityA group of former combatants with the FARC rebel group in Colombia have been reflecting on five years of peace and community building in a locality called Tierra Grata, which translates as “pleasant land”

Photo Stories

Afghan refugee Wahidullah Faizi, a participant in the UNHCR India' 'Home and Belonging' mentoring programme.
Chirantan Khastgir

Photo Story: Home and belonging

A six-month UN refugee agency (UNHCR) mentorship programme is helping eight young refugees in New Delhi, India to become visual storytellers.

As part of the initiative, they captured their emotions and thoughts about home and family, and reflected on their personal journeys of loss and hope, in a series of powerful photographs.

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The majority of human trafficking cases for sexual exploitation involve women.

First Person: ‘I helped to rescue over 1,000 trafficking victims’

Law and Crime Prevention A human trafficking expert at the United Nations has told UN News how she was instrumental in saving over 1,000 trafficking victims. Reda Sirgediene works for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) as the Regional Adviser on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling for Central Asia after serving for more than 20 years in the Lithuanian police force.

The breaking of dawn over planet Earth, seen from the International Space Station.
Scott Kelly/NASA

Unity among nations, in push for greater space security at UN-led talks

SDGs A new UN-led push to prevent an arms race in outer space has received wide-ranging support and participation from civil society and Member States – including all five permanent members of the Security Council - at talks in Geneva.