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Ukraine: Cycle of death, destruction, dislocation, and disruption ‘must stop’ 

The “horrific conflict,” in Ukraine shows no signs of abating, the UN political and peacebuilding chief told the Security Council on Tuesday, pointing out that since her last update on 5 April, “countless Ukrainian civilians” have been killed in indiscriminate attacks, cities and towns levelled, and much of the country’s arable land “horribly disfigured by shelling”.  

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A table-type coral nursery growing several species, including the almost extinct Acroporas in the Caribbean.
UN News/Laura Quiñones
A table-type coral nursery growing several species, including the almost extinct Acroporas in the Caribbean.

Exploring the largest ocean reef restoration project in the Americas: ‘One Million Corals for Colombia’

Climate and EnvironmentThe marine treasures of Colombia are often overlooked, as the country is known more for its mountains and the colourful towns that dot its coffee region. But just below the waves, a vibrant undersea world with over a thousand square kilometres of coral reef awaits those who take the plunge.

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Marceline supported by her friend in Central African Republic.
Rena Effendi

Life after Conflict – Family and connection

Exploring how our deepest loves and connections shape us, in the face of harm and loss, as well as drive us to continue, even after conflict.

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UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres makes opening remarks at the UN Ocean Conference.
UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

Guterres outlines four recommendations to help us all ‘Save Our Ocean’

Climate and Environment At the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon on Monday, UN Secretary-General António Guterres urged the international community to commit and unite around the protection and preservation of our seas.

Ukraine is suffering heavy damage to infrastructure that will be costly to repair or rebuild.
© UNDP/Oleksandr Ratushniak

Ukraine: Dozens dead and injured as UN condemns ‘utterly deplorable’ shopping centre attack

Peace and Security At least ten people have reportedly been killed by what Ukrainian authorities have said was a Russian missile strike on a crowded shopping centre, and attack which the UN condemned on Monday as “utterly deplorable”.