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News in Brief 17 February 2020

  • Pakistan’s solidarity and compassion for refugees is remarkable, says UN chief  
  • Yemen’s opposing sides agree to ‘large-scale’ prisoner exchange 
  • Cameroon violence continues with killing of 22 villagers 
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News in Brief 14 February 2020

  • Vital Idlib aid deliveries resume after ‘heavy bombing’, say UN humanitarians  
  • Horn of Africa to Yemen is world’s busiest sea route for migrants – IOM 
  • Drop in Ebola infections encouraging but fragile says WHO 
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UNcomplicated: Keeping the peace

Uncomplicated hosts, Sinduja Srinivasan and Jason DeWall, talk to UN peacekeeping officials Ken Payumo and Nick Birnback, and learn more about the challenges faced by peacekeeping staff, keeping millions safe with limited resources.

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News in Brief 13 February 2020

  • Celebrating the diversity of radio, the most used medium
  • Mounting Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria
  • DPR Korea: Missing hijacked plane 
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News in Brief 12 February 2020

  • Countries and airlines should react to COVID-19 risk proportionally, urges UN aviation organization chief 
  • Libya’s cities ‘re-contaminated’ by months of fighting, warn UN mine experts 
  • International Support Group for Lebanon calls for comprehensive reforms 
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Looking towards a future without landmines 

A world without landmines is possible - and sooner than you think. 

That’s the message from mine clearance experts helping to make communities safe with the UN Mine Action Service, or UNMAS. 

In an interview with UN News’s Daniel Johnson, they explain that although contaminated land is being cleared in more than two dozen countries, this fulfils only a small part of their future development needs. 

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News in Brief 11 February 2020

  • Top scientists gather at UN to speed up coronavirus response  
  • Appeal for long-term help for Madagascar as child emergency worsens 
  • Eastern DRC displacement leaves thousands in dire conditions – UNHCR 
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Mobilizing countries to beat back ‘voracious’ Desert Locust threat in East Africa

Locust swarms of a magnitude not seen in decades are devastating crops and placing millions at risk of hunger in the Horn of Africa. 

Keith Cressman, Senior Locust Forecasting Officer with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), told Dianne Penn the agency is seeking $76 million to scale-up aerial spraying against the “voracious” locusts and protect livelihoods in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. 

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Ignoring how children behave online is ‘sticking our heads in the sand’ 

The way children and teenagers behave online has profoundly changed, and if societies ignore the need to rethink child safety issues, then “we are sticking our heads in the sand”. 

That’s according to Neil Walsh, Chief of the Cybercrime and Anti-Money Laundering Section at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).  

Highlighting the role of parents and caregivers in understanding and explaining the risks involved in using the internet, Mr. Walsh told UN News’s Elena Vapnitchnaia that it’s essential to “empower the kids”, enabling them to talk about what they feel and see online.  

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Commitment, not slogans, key to ending violence against children: UN expert 

While the Internet has given children access to a world of information, including by providing a platform for their voices to be heard, it has also exposed them to cyberbullying, sexual exploitation, hate speech and other dangers. 

That’s according to  Najat Maalla M’jid, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on Violence against Children, who advocates for Governments, civil society and other stakeholders to put children at the heart of their policies.   

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