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UN News Today July 24

  • The world has been set back 15 years in its fight against hunger, according to a new UN report
  • A massive exodus from Gaza’s Khan Younis puts pressure on aid resources already under huge strain…
  • And, nearly 400 children a year are dying from rising heat in Europe and Central Asia….
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UN News Today July 23

  • In Gaza, the UN health agency says polio and other diseases could prove deadlier than bombs and bullets…
  • Meanwhile in the Sahel, insurgents force thousands to flee Burkina Faso for neighbouring Niger, and...
  • On your marks, get set, go…the UN chief issues a peace call - in the ‘spirit’ of the Olympics
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UN News Today July 22

  • UN convoy hit by 'heavy shooting' en route to Gaza city, UNRWA reports
  • Climate change heightens threats to global forests, FAO report urges innovation
  • WHO report highlights the need for accessible neurological treatments 

UN News Today July 19

  • Polio stalks Gazans as 'anarchy' spreads, humanitarians warn
  • In Afghanistan, with 33 of 34 provinces hit by natural disasters, the UN refugee agency steps up assistance
  • Fighting in Sudan holds up lifesaving aid deliveries in Darfur and Sennar state

UN News Today July 18

  • ‘Largest’ displacements so far in Gaza’s war of attrition: UN aid agencies
  • UN calls for urgent action on human rights violations in Central African Republic's detention centres
  • UNFPA warns of maternal death crisis in Yemen: One woman dies every two hours

UN News Today July 17

  • Over 1,000 attacks on healthcare facilities across Occupied Palestinian Territory since October
  • Haiti: Displaced women lack basic safety and services
  • UN chief marks 10 years since MH17 tragedy, urges accountability

UN News Today July 16

  • Gaza: Five UNRWA schools hit in 10 days, reports UN agency
  • Sudan: 800,000 still trapped in El Fasher warns WHO
  • Forced labour in North Korea is ‘widespread and institutionalized’: UN human rights office

UN News Today July 12

  • The UN continues to mediate peace talks in Geneva between the warring factions in Sudan.
  • Conflict escalates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, sparking disease outbreaks.
  • And…an ambitious UN bid to connect every school in the world to the Internet by 2030…

UN News Today July 11

  • Sudan: Conflict spreads, displacing another 136,000 people
  • World population to peak at 10.3 billion by 2080s, decline by 2100
  • UN humanitarians and partners launch $9 million response plan for Hurricane Beryl victims