UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva

UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Tigray in Human Rights Council, Afghanistan heartbreak, Ukraine aid update

It’s been an intense week of face-to-face meetings in Geneva. Among the top stories we’ve been covering, there’s been grim but important news from Ethiopia and Syria in the Human Rights Council, a moving update from UN humanitarians in Ukraine, and significant progress towards holding elections in Libya - although they’re still proving elusive. In Afghanistan, communities are still struggling to recover, a week after last week’s deadly earthquake – and we’ll be hearing from a UN Children’s Fund worker who’s been to see the human impact for herself.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Afghanistan quake, Ukraine treasures at risk

In this week’s show, the UN ramps up aid for eastern Afghanistan, where communities are reeling after its deadliest earthquake in decades. In Nigeria, the humanitarian crisis in the northeast still needs all our attention, as we’ll hear aid chief Matthias Schmale – but it’s far from the only place where that’s the case, according to a new UNICEF alert. And in Ukraine, the targeting of cultural treasures must stop, says UNESCO chief Audrey Azoulay.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Ukraine in the Human Rights Council, albinism awareness

UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet has been particularly busy this week, as the Human Rights Council 50th session got underway in Geneva. She’s spoken about her visit to China and also issued alerts on the devastated Ukrainian city of Mariupol. This week the world celebrated albinism awareness day, and to find out more, we’ll be hearing from Harry Freeland, director of the powerful documentary, In The Shadow Of The Sun.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Heart-breaking loss in drought-hit Horn of Africa, record food price alert

Four failed rainy seasons in the Horn of Africa, are tearing families apart –we hear one veteran humanitarian’s heart-breaking testimony from a displacement camp in Somalia.

Climate shocks are also playing their part in undermining vital investment in developing countries, according to trade agency UNCTAD, and we’ll also hear that food prices are going to be increasingly difficult to stomach this year, as millions of people in Sri Lanka – in the midst of its worst crisis since independence - are already finding out. 

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Too young to have a stroke? An activist shares his story

Having a stroke is something many of us associate with older people, but that’s not always the case, as we find out, in this week’s interview with a courageous stroke activist who’s been telling staff at UN Geneva how he managed to learn to speak again. In Yemen, the UN migration agency IOM, has issued a warning about the tens of thousands of migrants from Africa who continue to be trafficked, shot or worse; in Geneva, North Korea’s missile tests have prompted strong words at the UN’s top disarmament forum; while 100 days of war in Ukraine have had predict ably awful results for most of the country’s youngsters. Last but not least, we’ll also hear a potentially promising COVID immunity update from the WHO.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Monkeypox, sustainable solutions to cattle-rustling, Palestine refugee mental health alert

In this week’s show, monkeypox has been dominating the headlines, and we’ll have the latest from the World Health Organization. Also, the link between despair and poor mental health couldn’t be clearer in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, UNRWA tells us, while in the world of work, the ILO reckons that we’ve lost well over 112 million full-time jobs globally, since the pandemic, plus, sustainable solutions to cattle-rustling.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Cameroon woman’s land rights struggle, Afghanistan, Mexico, climate crisis report

In this week’s show, ever-deepening concerns about life in Afghanistan where the national rights body is no more, while in Mexico, more than 100,000 people are now officially disappeared. Stay with us too, if you can stand the heat, for a climate update from UN meteorologists - no spoiler alert necessary - and also for an inspiring interview with Cameroon women’s land rights activist, Cécile Ndjebet, who’s just won the Wangari Maathai Forest Champions Award.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Malaria vaccine pilot success, Ukraine in the Human Rights Council

This week we spotlight the Human Rights Council’s special session on atrocities happening in Ukraine, post Russia’s invasion. We’ll also be heading to Afghanistan for the latest alarming UN assessments on food insecurity there, and to the Occupied West Bank - after the killing of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh - and to DPR Korea, where health agency WHO, is committed to do help stop the spread of COVID-19. We also have some good news about successful malaria vaccine pilot schemes in Africa, which could save tens of thousands of children’s lives.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Ukraine update, World Press Freedom Day and Roger Rabbit

In this week’s show, two in three children in Ukraine have now had to flee the war since the Russian invasion, UNICEF takes no pleasure in telling us, while UN humanitarians have confirmed they’re now helping some 300 evacuees who’ve been bussed out of the devastated Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol. And as refugee numbers rise globally, we’ll be finding out what soul legend Dionne Warwick thinks about this growing global emergency.

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UN Catch-Up Dateline Geneva: Guterres's justice call for Ukrainian horrors, Syria, Ebola and music to end child labour

In a week that’s seen the UN chief push for peace and justice in Ukraine with visits to Moscow and Kyiv, the Security Council has also been hearing that fighting in Syria is still raging – and that we mustn’t forget it. We’ll also highlight the UN’s work to help stop a new Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while in Afghanistan, it’s never been more urgent to unblock billions of dollars of assets, top rights experts say. And, we hear from Sri Lankan pop star and advocate for children’s rights Ridma Weerawardena.

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