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UN envoy unveils Kosovo budget for next year

The senior United Nations envoy to Kosovo today released details of the province's budget for 2004, revealing there will be a small deficit but revenue will be higher than expected as the UN mission there tries to rebuild the area torn by fighting in the late 1990s.

Annan appeals for funds for post-conflict Sierra Leone

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan is appealing for funds to help the Sierra Leonean military and police "quickly improve their overall capability and project a credible deterrence profile" as progress is made in consolidating peace in the West African country.

Iran: UN health agency seeks $3.5 million to help quake victims

With cold night temperatures, inadequate water and sanitation, and insufficient care for the injured posing serious risks for the survivors of Iran's devastating earthquake, the United Nations health agency has appealed for $3.5 million to buy supplies and rehabilitate health facilities to prevent further sickness and deaths.