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The most popular audio tracks from UN News for 2018

In this special edition of our Lid Is On podcast series, we’re bringing you a roundup of the most listened-to audio of 2018 here at UN News. 

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Appalachian cellist ditches the van, to pedal against climate change

Growing up close to the famous Appalachian Mountains, in the United States, made musician Ben Sollee appreciate natural beauty, and also spurred him into action when he saw the destruction caused locally by mountaintop coal mining. For this edition of our podcast, the Lid Is On, the American cellist and political activist Ben Sollee explained to UN News’s Yasmina Guerda at the COP24 climate change conference in Poland, that even though “music can’t stop the bulldozer” it can definitely raise awareness.

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Podcast: ‘Plant-based meat’ alternatives begin to bite, in battle against climate change

The livestock industry is responsible for a staggering amount of greenhouse gas emissions, with a single beef burger taking up to 450 gallons of water to produce. The UN is ramping up awareness on the issue, and two companies who make “plant-based meat”, were recently named “Champions of the Earth” by UNEP. Conor Lennon from UN News went along to see how the new generation of meat-free meals are going down with the notoriously hard-to-please burger-loving public of New York City.

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Cutting down plastic and pesticides, to halt climate change in India

It’s easy to get lost in the argument over who needs to do the most to stop global warming, but the fact is, everyone needs to do their bit and “we’re all responsible.” That’s one of the guiding principles for Satya Tripathi of India, who in this latest Lid Is On podcast from UN News, spoke with Yasmina Guerda from the crucial COP24 climate change conference in Poland.


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Seeing, hearing, feeling the reality of child trafficking

What’s it really like to be a victim of child trafficking?  The founders of non-profit, Street Art for Mankind, that fights child trafficking using art from around the globe, are trying to provide the answer. For this latest edition of our UN News Lid is On podcast, Natalie Hutchison went along to find out more.

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Checkpoints and searches: the daily reality for Palestinian children at Hebron school

Not many school commutes involve having to go through checkpoints and body searches, but that’s the daily reality for some 163 Palestinian youngsters in Hebron, a bustling city in the southern part of the West Bank. 

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UN News goes inside Gaza’s biggest hospital

For this special edition of our Lid Is On podcast, the head of our UN News Arabic unit, Reem Abaza, reports from the Al-Shifa Hospital, where dozens of victims of violence are undergoing often years of treatment, in the face of cutbacks and funding crises.

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PODCAST: Getting business on board for a better world for all

In this week’s episode of our flagship podcast, The Lid Is On, Conor Lennon from UN News looks at the UN's efforts to collaborate more with big business in service of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 - not much more than 11 years away.

How did the UN convince big business to join this push to transform the world, with no-one left behind?

With guest  Dan Thomas, Head of Communications from UN Global Compact

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PODCAST: Building stronger, fairer cities, one garden at a time

This week’s episode of our podcast series, The Lid Is On, comes to you on World Cities Day, which was launched in 2014 to emphasize the world’s urban challenges.

We’ll find out what the UN is doing to influence the way cities grow and develop, and we’ll discover how community gardens are an effective, and low-cost way to build stronger neighbourhoods.

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PODCAST: Disarm, for ‘the future of our planet’

Disarmament is too important to be left to the experts. That’s the view of Renata Dwan, Director of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), who says young people and civil society have a vital role to play in arms control, at this turbulent time in world history. For our latest Lid Is On podcast Ms. Dwan sat down with UN News’s Paulina Greer.

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