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UN forum stresses potential of youth as force for progress

This generation of youth is the largest in history and it is also the focus of the 45th session of the Commission on Population and Development.

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World Book Day 2012 celebrates the work of translators

World Book Day is celebrated annually on 23 April.

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Harmony with nature on World Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day is being observed on April 22.

In 2009, the General Assembly proclaimed the day to promote awareness of the interdependence between human beings, other living species, and the planet.

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UN observer mission to be deployed to Syria

A week after sending an advance monitoring team to Syria, the Security Council has authorized deployment of a full UN observer mission to the country.

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“Silent Shout” promotes UN convention for disabilities

Finnish rap artist Signmark, who was born deaf, brought his sign-language rap music to New York to promote the human rights of people with disabilities.

He gave two “Silent Shout” performances, one inside UN headquarters and another outside that drew a large crowd.

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Loss of biodiversity threatens the earth

As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, some experts say more effort needs to be made to stem the loss of biodiversity.

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Musician Michael Franti uses his artistry to Envision a better world

Michael Franti often sings about social issues and has been using his music and other artistic endeavours to advocate for the environment.

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Preparations under way for humanitarian operations in Syria

United Nations relief agencies and their partners are making preparations for humanitarian operations in Syria.

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Sanitation and water for all partnership aims to boost global access

For hundreds of millions of people around the world, safe water and proper sanitation remain a challenge according to the UN Children’s Agency (UNICEF).

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Violence remains a problem in Africa says Tanzanian scholar

Violence continues to be a serious problem in Africa, according to a Tanzanian scholar.

Dr. Lindah Mhando says the causes of violence include unemployment, the unequal distribution of resources and marginalization of women.

She has edited a book entitled “Birthing Masculinity”.

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