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News in Brief 30 November 2018

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‘Genuine’ health for those living with mental disability, dependent on human rights

When persons living with intellectual disabilities enjoy full access to universal human rights, they can exhibit better overall health, says Javier Vasquez, Vicepresident of Health Programs of Special Olympics, who explained how the UN can aid in creating a disability-inclusive world.

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News in Brief 29 November 2018

  • New UNICEF report urges scaled-up treatment, prevention of AIDS
  • New migration issues take a positive turn
  • UN recognizes reggae as a global treasure
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Getting young people to trust TV is the new challenge, say broadcasters

“Fake news” is an accusation that’s often levelled against broadcasters, but it is a serious challenge to their work and one which needs to be disproved constantly, senior TV professionals said on W

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Measles resurgence is source of extreme concern: WHO

Measles cases have spiked by as much as 30 per cent last year in some countries because of poor vaccination coverage, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

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News in Brief 28 November 2018

  • Negotiated two-State solution still “the only option” for Palestine: Guterres
  • Malaria control campaign launched to save lives and fight Ebola in the Congo
  • UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria pushes for answers to detained and missing persons
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Palestinian children ‘an inspiration’ in difficult circumstances: UN official

As UNRWA, the UN Agency relief and works agency for Palestinian refugees in the near east, approaches its 70th anniversary, Matthias Schmale, its director of operations in Gaza has appealed for its basic services to continue, for reasons of dignity and justice.

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South-South cooperation ‘really making a difference’ to development

Sharing successful ideas across national borders to help transform developing countries in the southern hemisphere remains a challenge, but it’s “really making a difference”. That’s according to Jorge Chediek, director of the UN Office for South-South Cooperation, and Envoy of the Secretary-General on the issue. He spoke with Laura Quinones of UN News, about the upcoming Global South-South Development Expo taking place back where it all began, at UN Headquarters in New York on Wednesday.


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Agriculture the ‘backbone’ of Afghan economy: FAO says amid severe drought

People are “used to the suffering we see in Afghanistan,” the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director of Emergency and Rehabilitation, Dominique Burgeon says, and the country needs urgent support to combat a major crisis in the face of drought and conflict.

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News in Brief 27 November 2018

  • Afghan people ‘hunger’ for peace
  • World Food Programme warns of reduced Hudaydah port operations
  • UNICEF funding shortfall leave children in the cold of winter
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