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UN Weekly: Bringing the work of the United Nations to life

UN Weekly
UN Weekly

UN Weekly a podcast from UN News, brings together journalists, experts, senior officials and influencers, for an engaging and entertaining guide to the fascinating, little-known and often misunderstood world of the United Nations.

In each episode, we break down one of the big global stories with a UN angle, share reports from our correspondents in the field, and take an in-depth look at a key topic.

UN Weekly is available every Friday on the UN News Audio Hub, and the video version comes out on Saturdays, on UN WebTV and the United Nations YouTube channel.

You can also find the show on major podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

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Climate Crunch Time

On this week’s episode Conor Lennon and Anton Uspenskiy from UN News discuss the UN Secretary-General’s hard-hitting climate speech, in which he called for a ban on fossil fuel advertising and promotion; the UN’s continued support for millions of desperate people in Afghanistan; how AI is being u


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