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10 years on, Michèle Montas recalls the day no Haitian can forget

In the days following the earthquake ten years ago that killed around 220,000 Haitians, the sounds of praying, shouting and yelling filled the streets and a sense that “this was the end of the world”.

That’s one of the powerful memories from survivor Michèle Montas, the former UN Spokesperson who had just returned home to live in her native country, when disaster struck. She spoke to UN News’s Cristina Silveiro.

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News in Brief 16 January 2020

  • Syrian conflict has ‘erased’ children’s dreams: new UN report 
  • 45 million going hungry in southern Africa: World Food Programme 
  • UN ‘deeply relieved’ following release of abducted aid workers in Nigeria
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Full evacuation of Philippines volcano zone essential, as UN calls for collective long-term effort

The top UN emergency relief coordinator in the Philippines said on Thursday that his team is anxious to see the full evacuation of vulnerable citizens completed as the Taal volcano continues to erupt.

Sunday’s major eruption caused widespread destruction, and it’s feared that there could be a “catastrophic” eruption over the coming days or weeks, said humanitarian affairs coordination office OCHA’s team leader, Mark Bidder, talking to Julia Dean.

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News in Brief 15 January 2020

  • Peace agreement remains only path for peace in Mali: Lacroix 
  • UNICEF opens African ‘drone academy’ to aid youth  
  • Darfur: Resort to violence, a ‘lose-lose’ option says UN mission chief
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Biodiversity must ‘move up international agenda’, following Australia bushfires 

More than 100 wildfires are still raging across Australia, with record-breaking temperatures and drought contributing to the loss of more than six million hectares of land that is home to some of the most unique plants and animals in the world.  In an interview with UN News, John Scanlon, Special Envoy for the African Parks non-profit organization and former Secretary-General of CITES - the UN-backed Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species - said that the increasing threat to biodiversity must be “lifted up to the international agenda”.  

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News in Brief 14 January 2020

  • Investigation continues into mystery virus
  • Hundreds of migrants sent to Libya detention centres
  • UN launches multi-million funding appeal for refugees in Sudan
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News in Brief 13 January 2020

  • Case of new China coronavirus surfaces in Thailand
  • Six countries lose voting rights in General Assembly
  • Yemen: Security Council renews mandate for UN Hudaydah Mission
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News in Brief 10 January 2020

  • DR Congo killings ‘may amount to crimes against humanity’
  • A victory for forced displacement victims: UN refugee agency
  • UNHCR honoured with Olympic Cup
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From child bride to UN human rights officer: one Iraqi woman’s journey

An Iraqi woman who was forced to marry as a teenager and denied access to formal education, is speaking up for victims of human rights abuses. 

Jamila Mahdi  spoke to Shirin Yaseen about her incredible journey, her work with Yazidi women victims of ISIL, and her hopes for an Iraq where everyone enjoys their human rights. 

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News in Brief 9 January 2020

  • UN strongly condemns attack on Mali peacekeeping base
  • 2020 must be 'year of change' on refugee protection in Europe
  • UN envoy welcomes Russia-Turkey ceasefire call in Libya
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