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Secretary-General pays tribute to Saudi King Fahd as true friend of UN

Secretary-General pays tribute to Saudi King Fahd as true friend of UN

Calling him a true friend of the United Nations since its inception, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today paid tribute to Saudi Arabian King Fahd’s enduring contributions in the field of international and regional diplomacy where he worked tirelessly to achieve peaceful solutions based on justice.

Ian statement of condolences issued by his spokesman, Mr. Annan noted that the King had attended the inauguration of the UN as a member of the Saudi delegation in 1945.

“The Secretary-General notes that for almost quarter of a century, the economic, social and political development of Saudi Arabia has been associated with King Fahd’s name,” the statement said.

“Under King Fahd’s leadership, the country witnessed remarkable progress in areas ranging from industrial development to education. While recognizing the demands of the modern world, King Fahd was also firmly guided, in the tradition of his predecessors, by the principles and traditions of Islam,” it added.

“King Fahd will be remembered not only with deep affection and loyalty among the people of the Kingdom, but with profound respect in the Islamic, Arab and world communities,” the statement concluded.

Of the new King Abdullah Mr. Annan told reporters in a later news encounter: "He is a man of great experience and I'm sure he will be a successful king."