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Annan receives honorary law degree from Oxford University

Annan receives honorary law degree from Oxford University

On the third day of his visit to the United Kingdom, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today received an honorary law degree from Oxford University, which hailed him as "a far-sighted partisan of justice and a tireless advocate of peace."

This morning, the Secretary-General was given the cap and gown of a doctor of civil law before joining the procession from Balliol College to the ceremonial centre of the University, the Sheldonian Theatre - the site of Encaenia, or commencement.

"Mr. Annan is not a man to shirk problems which are either arduous or dangerous, and he is conspicuous also for his readiness, if something goes wrong, not to take refuge in the all-too-familiar pattern of bureaucratic obfuscation, of evading responsibility, and of leaving any criticism to be faced by subordinates," said Oxford's Public Orator, Jasper Griffin, as he introduced the Secretary-General during the ceremony.

Following the event, Mr. Annan attended a luncheon hosted by All Souls College at Oxford, after which he met briefly with some students of international affairs at St. Anthony's College. The College is headed by Marrack Goulding, the former UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs.

The Secretary-General returned to London late afternoon to prepare for a series of official meetings tomorrow, including with Prime Minister Tony Blair.