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Foundation stone laid for earthquake shelters in India: UN

Foundation stone laid for earthquake shelters in India: UN

The foundation stone for the construction of essential earthquake-proof shelters in Gujarat, India, has been laid, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) announced today.

The Chief Minister of Gujarat, Keshubahi Patel, laid the first stone of the UNDP-supported Shelter Project in Rajansar Village in the disaster-plagued Kutch district, which aims to set standards for housing that reduces risk and vulnerability, especially in the district's far-flung smaller villages.

In addition to coordinating the construction of the one-room shelters, UNDP is also working to support the restoration of livelihoods and social services in the area as soon as possible.

UNDP's priority is to reduce social vulnerability, particularly with respect to women, children and the aged. The long-term strategic approach is to facilitate sustainable recovery from the compounded impact of earthquakes, droughts and cyclones affecting the population in the region.