Artist’s ‘pollution pods’ kick up a stink for cleaner air

30 October 2018

Have you ever gotten to experience a carefully-selected whiff of toxic air?

That’s what the United Nations has in store for you in Geneva, in a new art exhibit, where people can take a bitter-sweet smell at some of the world’s most clogged-up cities.

Visitors are taken through a series of interconnected pods, each of which contains an often smelly – but safe – chemical cocktail, simulating air pollution levels in big cities like Sao Paolo and New Delhi. The goal of course is to give a sense of how widespread pollution is in urban areas.

The installation coincides with a major international conference by the World Health Organization (WHO) to tackle the problem.

It’s called “Pollution Pods”, and, the creator, British artist Michael Pinsky, took UN News’s Daniel Johnson, on a swift sensory tour.

The Pollution Pods in the Palais des Nations in Geneva, an exhibition created by British artist Michael Pinsky, open to the public until Friday 2 November 2018.​​​​​​​
UN Geneva/Daniel Johnson
The Pollution Pods in the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Each pod contains a safe chemical cocktail that simulates air pollution levels in cities around the world.
​​​​​​​UN Geneva/Daniel Johnson



Audio Credit:
Daniel Johnson, UN News - Geneva
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