Artist’s ‘pollution pods’ kick up a stink for cleaner air

Have you ever gotten to experience a carefully-selected whiff of toxic air? That’s what the UN has in store for you in Geneva, in a new art exhibit, of interconnected pods, each containing a chemical cocktail simulating air pollution levels in big cities like Sao Paolo and New Delhi.  It’s called “Pollution Pods”, and, the creator, British artist Michael Pinsky, took UN News’s Daniel Johnson, on a swift sensory tour.

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News in Brief 30 October 2018

  • We can tackle air pollution killer together, says WHO’s Tedros
  • 80,000 youngsters at risk in DRC after forcible expulsion from Angola: UNICEF
  • Record migrant arrivals in Spain still 20 times below 2015 peak in Greece: IOM
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News in Brief 29 October 2018

  • “Millions of children” globally poisoned by pollution
  • Tents arrive for 10,000 Indonesians made homeless by earthquake
  • Saudi Arabia: Halt death sentences on minors, say UN experts
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News in Brief 02 May 2018

  • Rights experts issue call for media protection in Press Freedom Day declaration
  • Ninety per cent of the world breathing polluted air: WHO
  • Affordable vitamin A supplements could save millions of young lives: UNICEF
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Campaign tackles health impact of air pollution in cities

A new initiative has been launched to raise awareness about the health impacts of air pollution which the World Health Organization (WHO) calls “an invisible kil

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Better air quality key to “healthier” and “greener” world

As many as seven million people worldwide die each year from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases associated with indoor or outdoor air pollution.

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