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UN and Africa: focus on Gabon, CAR and Ocean Conference

UN and Africa: focus on Gabon, CAR and Ocean Conference


Gabon to create vast network of protected marine areas in Africa

Gabon has announced a bold new initiative to conserve the “incredible natural treasures” of its coastal waters, Lee White, the Director of Gabon’s National Parks confirmed on Tuesday. Speaking on the margins of the United Nations Ocean Conference, he said the network would include 9 new marine parks and 11 aquatic reserves covering just over a quarter of Gabon’s ocean territory. The idea is to protect ecological resources and threatened marine species like the leatherback turtles and humpback whales, but also to restore and sustainably-manage marine fisheries. Mr White sat down with Cristina Silveiro to explain the vision behind this initiative.

Andrew Gilmour. UN Photo/Manuel Elias

“Chorus of Central African voices” demand end to impunity: UN official

During a recent visit to the Central African Republic (CAR), a senior UN official heard “passionate demands” for an end to impunity in the country. The Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights, Andrew Gilmour, told UN News people there were “desperate” for an end to their “tormented history”. Progress has been made in securing the country, largely because of the efforts of the UN peacekeeping mission, MINUSCA, established three years ago, when sectarian violence was at its peak. Mr Gilmour began by sharing with Jocelyne Sambira some of the improvements he’d seen on the ground.

UN Agencies collect ocean trash, including plastics and flip-flops at a beach clean-up in Malindi, Kenya. Photo: UNIC Nairobi

Recycle Africa enlists UN help to turn ocean plastic “trash to treasure”

To mark the UN Ocean Conference, one African recycling company, has been raising awareness of marine pollution, together with UN agencies on the Kenyan coast this week. Sam Ngaruiya, is Chief Executive of the recycling company, Regeneration Africa, and he’s been down at the beach in the coastal town of Watamu, talking to Newton Kanhema of the UN Information Centre based in Nairobi. Unfurling a banner reading “From Trash to Treasure” the team also marked World Environment Day, and removed waste and other debris from the beach for recycling by Regeneration Africa. As the wind howled around, Sam explained to Newton that his company pays for the plastic rubbish, and turn it into useable products, creating a win-win for the environment.

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