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Ocean Conference

UN News/ Conor Lennon

PODCAST: Barbados and the Blue Economy - Sargassum Solutions

In a four-part mini-series, released in the run-up to the UN Oceans Conference, we explore some of the ocean-related issues facing the eastern Caribbean island nation of Barbados.

This episode concentrated on the worrying spread of sargassum seaweed, which arrived unannounced in 2011, and has been a regular fixture on much of the coastline ever since.

There’s no single answer to why the seaweed is clogging up the beaches and waters, but many scientists believe that the climate crisis is at least partly to blame.

© Ocean Image Bank/Gaby Barathieu

Civil society calls for ambition at UN Ocean Conference

Ocean and global climate are intrinsically linked – and if the “right decisions are made at the UN Ocean Conference, the Ocean will be a big part of Portugal’s future”. 

That’s the view of Samuel Collins, a project manager at the Oceano Azul Foundation in Lisbon. 

The organization plays a big role in ocean literacy, aiming to educate a “blue generation”, works on ocean conservation, and also supports the development of startups creating products and services with positive environmental impact. 

UN News/Lulu Gao

On patrol with the group protecting turtles in Trinidad and Tobago

Conserving marine resources takes centre stage this week at the first-ever Ocean Conference being held at UN Headquarters in New York.

Dianne Penn recently travelled to Trinidad and Tobago and learned how a group called Nature Seekers, which has received UN funding, is protecting leatherback turtles which previously were butchered for their meat or even just for fun.

Leatherback turtles get their name from their soft shell and are the biggest turtle species on Earth, weighing up to 2,000 pounds.