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Japan helps South Sudan rebuild

One hundred and twenty Japanese engineers arrived in South Sudan this week to join the United Nations peacekeeping mission there in helping the young country build roads and bridges.

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African diaspora seeks to strengthen ties with Africans

Preparations are underway for a first ever summit in South Africa in June to create partnerships between the various nations and the diaspora communities around the world.

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Yemen votes for new president

Voters flocked to the polls in Yemen on Tuesday.

They are voting  for a new president under a deal reached last year after months of deadly protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who ruled the country for 33 years.

Dianne Penn reports.

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West Africa and Sahel threatened by organized crime

Organized crime is threatening the already fragile peace, security and stability in West Africa and the Sahel region, according to UN officials and other leaders.

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WIPO: resolving cybersquatting cases & other Internet naming disputes

Forget dot com (.com) soon it will be dot anything you can think of and with that will come a lot of cybersquatting and other domain name disputes.

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Chadian children threatened by malnutrition

Thousands of children in Chad will die of malnutrition if assistance is not provided on time, warns the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

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Afghan refugee families struggle to survive harsh winter

Day to day living is a challenge for people living in informal refugee settlements around Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

Twenty-four children have died recently after being exposed to the harshest winter the country has experienced in 15 years.

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Uzbekistan: engaging children while improving education

Uzbekistan is adopting a child-friendly approach to increase the number of children attending pre-school, according to UNICEF.

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Actress and UNICEF Ambassador, Mia Farrow, highlights polio

Actress and activist, Mia Farrow, has been in Chad in Africa to encourage more people to have polio vaccinations.

The number of people catching polio in the central African country is on the increase and is second only to Pakistan in terms of new cases.

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Bridging the gap between business and environmental groups for a sustainable future

The gap must be bridged between the business community and environmental groups to work towards a more sustainable future.

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