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New UN project aims to tackle youth unemployment in Guinea

New UN project aims to tackle youth unemployment in Guinea

Young people in Guinea will receive skills training that will help them find jobs under a new project set up today by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and funded by the Government of Japan.

Some 4,000 young people and 50 entrepreneurial groups in Forest Guinea (Yomou, Lola, Gouecke, Beyla, Gueckedou), Upper Guinea (Siguiri, Kouroussa, Mandiana, and Kankan), and Middle Guinea, specifically in Mamou, are expected to be the immediate beneficiaries of the $3 million project.

The initiative will cover a total of 10 districts in Eastern Guinea, on the border with Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali, as well as in Mamou, which borders with Sierra Leone.

The selected communities have been affected in the past years by natural hazards, conflicts and refugee influx, according to a news release issued by UNIDO.

Young people will acquire entrepreneurial and technical skills suitable for productive activities, income generation and employment opportunities, which will allow them to build a new life.

At a signing ceremony in Conakry, UNIDO Representative Bafotigui Sako said the project was designed to address a number of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), including poverty reduction through more stable and higher-yielding income-generating activities, environmental sustainability, and gender equality.