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Somalia: UN envoy praises leaders’ commitment to accord on ending transition

Special Representative Augustine Mahiga.
UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
Special Representative Augustine Mahiga.

Somalia: UN envoy praises leaders’ commitment to accord on ending transition

The United Nations envoy for Somalia today congratulated the country’s leaders for showing their commitment to peace by adhering to the terms of an accord they reached last month to break a political deadlock and seek ways to end the transitional period.

“I am very pleased that the leadership of the Transitional Federal Institutions is continuing to make progress on implementing the [Kampala] Accord,” said Augustine Mahiga, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Somalia.

“I look forward to the nomination and endorsement of a representative, efficient and widely accepted Cabinet in the near future,” said Mr. Mahiga in a press statement.

Under the Kampala Accord, the terms of the country’s President and the Speaker of Parliament were extended for another year, a breakthrough that ended the impasse over the current transition period. The interim federal institutions had been divided over governance issues beyond 20 August, when the transitional period is due to expire.

Mr. Mahiga particularly praised the role of President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and the Speaker of Parliament, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, as well as the Parliament itself for demonstrating their commitment to the accord and its rapid parliamentary ratification.

He also highlighted the importance of the upcoming Consultative Meeting on Ending the Transition, saying it should be held inside Somalia before the end of the current transitional period.

Mr. Mahiga paid tribute to the preparatory committee, comprising representatives from the Transitional Federal Government, Transitional Federal Parliament and the regions of Puntland and Galmudug.

“We need to take advantage of the positive momentum,” he said. “This Consultative Meeting will advance the process of ending the transitional period and consolidate the political good will resulting from the Kampala Accord.”

The meeting, which will take place at a time and place still to be determined, will bring together a cross-section of governmental actors and civil society, and will complete a broad-based, inclusive and consultative process ending with the approval of a road map on how to end the transition.