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UN relief agencies appeal for at least $10 million to tackle Sudanese floods

UN relief agencies appeal for at least $10 million to tackle Sudanese floods

United Nations humanitarian agencies and their partner non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are launching an appeal for more than $10 million to deal with widespread floods in Sudan that have destroyed thousands of homes and inundated farmlands, towns and villages.

The UN has already allocated $4.76 million from its locally-managed Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) to help in relief efforts, but the world body’s humanitarian arm says much more is needed as it joins NGOs in stepping up efforts to help the estimated 365,000 Sudanese who have been affected by the floods.

Stephanie Bunker, a spokesperson for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said the humanitarian community is still assessing exactly what the overall needs are of the people affected. A particular concern is the provision of safe drinking water.

“However, despite incomplete assessments, more than $10 million on the ground will be needed,” she said.

The Office of the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Sudan says at least 30,000 homes have been destroyed by the floods, which began last month following torrential rains and have been concentrated in the east, centre and south of the country. Another 150,000 people have been left without shelter.

More than 40,000 hectares of cropland has been damaged, while farmers have also lost over 12,000 livestock and 16,000 chickens.

The UN is working closely with the Sudanese Government and aid groups to coordinate the relief response, particularly given forecasts that the country faces further serious flood threats until the end of the wet season next month.