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Palestinian ceasefire in Gaza must hold, Ban Ki-moon stresses

Palestinian ceasefire in Gaza must hold, Ban Ki-moon stresses

Voicing hope that the ceasefire reached by Palestinian factions operating in the Gaza Strip will hold after a week of deadly clashes, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on all sides to abide by its terms and urged the Palestinian Authority to “take the necessary steps to restore law and order.”

In a statement released by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban thanked Egypt for its work in brokering the ceasefire, which took effect on Saturday after a week of fighting in which dozens of people have been killed in Gaza.

The statement noted that Mr. Ban is deeply concerned about recent Palestinian rocket attacks targeting Israeli civilians, calling them “completely unacceptable” and a violation of international law.

“The Secretary-General is also deeply concerned by the mounting number of civilian casualties from Israeli military operations, especially the targeted attack on the home of a Hamas legislator in Gaza, which killed six members of one family,” the statement added.

“While recognizing Israel’s right to defend itself, he calls on Israel to abide by international law and to ensure that its actions do not target civilians or put them at undue risk.”