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Secretary-General ‘profoundly moved’ by professionalism of UN staff: spokesperson

Secretary-General ‘profoundly moved’ by professionalism of UN staff: spokesperson

Ban Ki-moon addresses staff at meeting
Marking his first three months in office, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today told staff at United Nations Headquarters in New York and around the world that he has been “profoundly moved” by their professionalism and commitment, his spokesperson said.

Mr. Ban took questions from staff attending the meeting in New York and from others around the world who were participating via videoconference, and told them he is asking his senior managers to identify their priorities and goals in a measurable way, and that he is also working to strengthen the Management Performance Board.

In remarks to the press after the meeting, Mr. Ban described the discussions as very useful, rewarding and candid, as he promised to have “closer dialogue” with UN staff in the future. He also highlighted the issue of staff mobility and how this can help ensure more professionalism in the organization.

“As far as mobility is concerned, this is a decision by the Member States that the Member States had taken in 2002. And from May 2007 this year, this first phase of mobility should be implemented. I know that there are certain areas of concern, but while promoting this mobility, I will try to ensure that we need to have a strengthened career development, training, and other issues,” Mr. Ban said.

“I think that through mobility, when in place, we can ensure more efficient, and more multitasked and versatile staff, and more professionalism.”