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1.3 million people world-wide endorse UN conventions on drugs

1.3 million people world-wide endorse UN conventions on drugs

Teenage representatives today presented to the United Nations lead drug abuse prevention agency 1.3 million endorsement signatures from over 60 countries in support of the international body’s conventions on drugs.

“We are convinced that you all feel and acknowledge the enormous world-wide support you have received, and will continue to receive, in your important work to fight drugs and addiction - be it in the United Nations or in your national parliaments,” one of the campaign organizers from Sweden, MaLou Lindholm, told delegates gathered at the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs (UNODC) in Vienna.

The “No to drugs – yes to the UN Conventions on drugs,” campaign collected signatures from youth, as well as 294 parliamentarians and 185 organizations around the globe. Young people from five countries presented the signatures to UNODC Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa.

“This is a magnificent example of the power of partnership with civil society in drug abuse prevention,” Mr. Costa said reiterating the crucial role non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in drug abuse prevention as he accepted the signatures. He also echoed the call by the young people to delegates to fulfil their responsibility to safeguard the Conventions and to protect the youth of the world.