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Security Council backs global certification scheme for rough diamonds

Security Council backs global certification scheme for rough diamonds

Concerned by the link between the illicit trade in rough diamonds and the fuelling of armed conflicts around the world, the United Nations Security Council today gave its backing to a global certification scheme for the precious stones.

In a unanimous resolution, the Council said it supported the ongoing process to refine and implement the regime, which was adopted at the Interlaken Conference, and called the plan "a valuable contribution against trafficking in conflict diamonds." The 15-nation body said it looked forward to the scheme's implementation and strongly encouraged the participants to further resolve outstanding issues.

The plan, known as the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, is a negotiating procedure to establish minimum acceptable international standards for national certification schemes covering the import and export of rough diamonds.

Today's resolution welcomed the voluntary system of industry self-regulation, as described in the Interlaken Declaration. The text also stressed that the widest possible participation in the Kimberley Process was essential and should be encouraged and facilitated, and urged all Member States to actively participate in the Scheme.