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Liberia: Security Council re-establishes panel to monitor compliance with sanctions

Liberia: Security Council re-establishes panel to monitor compliance with sanctions

UN Security Council in session
The United Nations Security Council today decided to re-establish an expert panel to monitor compliance with international sanctions levied against Liberia.

In unanimously adopting resolution 1458, the Council asked the Panel of Experts, which will comprise no more than five persons, to begin work no later than 10 February for a period of three months. The Council asked UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan to appoint the board.

During that time, the Experts are to conduct a follow-up assessment mission to Liberia and neighbouring States in order to investigate and compile a report on the Government of Liberia's compliance with the demands contained in resolution 1343, as well as any violations of the measures referred to in subsequent resolutions adopted by the Council.

The Experts were also asked to bring any relevant information collected in the course of their investigations to the attention of the States concerned for prompt and thorough investigation and, where appropriate, corrective action, and to allow them the right of reply.

The sanctions were adopted by the Council in March 2001 in response to concerns about the reported transit of illicit diamonds - which were being traded to fuel the conflict in Sierra Leone - through Liberia.

The Council determined that Liberia's support for the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) in Sierra Leone constituted a threat to international peace and security, and called on Monrovia to expel RUF members from its territory and withdraw its support for the rebel group.

Under the sanctions, all States must prevent the sale or supply to Liberia of arms and related materiel of all types. Countries are also banned from importing any rough diamonds from Liberia, while members of its government officials and their spouses are under the travel ban, with exemptions only for humanitarian reasons.