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Security Council members commend steps to regulate Sierra Leone diamond trade

Security Council members commend steps to regulate Sierra Leone diamond trade

Members of the Security Council today commended efforts by the Government of Sierra Leone to monitor the diamond trade through the creation of a mechanism to oversee and control domestic mining.

The President of the Council, Ambassador John Negroponte of the United States, said in a press statement that the members took note of the problems still faced by the Government in controlling illicit production and diamond smuggling but encouraged Sierra Leone to further strengthen its internal monitoring capacity to stop these precious gems from becoming a financial source of conflict.

Council members also welcomed ongoing efforts among West African countries to develop a region-wide certification scheme and called on all parties to support such endeavours, Ambassador Negroponte said. They were also called on to back continuing efforts in the so-called Kimberly process to develop a global certification scheme for rough diamonds.

Council members urged the international community and donor countries to support ongoing Government efforts to implement effective internal measures to control diamond certification and promote economic development through mining activities, Ambassador Negroponte said.

Earlier Thursday, the Council was briefed by Ambassador Adolfo Aguilar Zinser of Mexico, Chairman of the 15-member body's Sierra Leone Sanctions Committee, on the fourth review the Sierra Leone Diamond Certification process.