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UN Assembly information committee concludes session

UN Assembly information committee concludes session

The United Nations Committee on Information this afternoon concluded its current twenty-fourth session, as it approved a broad-ranging draft resolution that condemns attacks against journalists and urges all concerned to ensure reporters' ability to freely and effectively perform their work.

The 14-page text, which will now move to the General Assembly for consideration, also sets out measures aimed at repositioning the UN Department of Public Information (DPI) for greater impact, while at the same time maintaining and improving its activities in areas of special interest to developing countries. The importance of DPI in helping to bridge the existing gap between the developing and developed world in the crucial information and communications field is also stressed in the document.

Another provision of the text, which the 98-member Committee approved without a vote, asks DPI to pay particular attention to major issues including, eradication of poverty, conflict prevention, sustainable development, human rights and the needs of the African continent.

Following the draft resolution's approval, the interim head of DPI, Shashi Tharoor, noted that at the session's opening meeting, he had told the Committee that its challenge was to give broad guidance to the UN Secretariat in its effort to reform the Department. Indeed, the draft resolution "has more than fulfilled this expectation," he said.