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Security Council clarifies role of UN Mission during Sierra Leone's election process

Security Council clarifies role of UN Mission during Sierra Leone's election process

Emphasizing the responsibility of the Government of Sierra Leone and the National Electoral Commission for the holding of elections later this year, the Security Council today clarified the role of the United Nations Mission (UNAMSIL) during the balloting process.

The Council decided in a unanimously adopted resolution that to facilitate the smooth holding of elections, UNAMSIL would help the Government with logistical support, transport and security, as recommended by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in a report last month.

The Council also authorized an increase in the number of UN civilian police in order to advise and support the Sierra Leone Police in carrying out their election-related responsibilities and to help the Police devise and implement an electoral training programme for their personnel.

In addition, the Council welcomed the interim establishment of an electoral component in UNAMSIL aimed at strengthening the Mission's ability to help coordinate electoral activities between the National Electoral Commission, the Government of Sierra Leone and other national and international stakeholders.

It also welcomed the Mission's intention to set up in each electoral region a UNAMSIL office to monitor the electoral process and to provide help to international election observers.

The Council expressed its appreciation for the ongoing support provided by UNAMSIL's Public Information Section to the National Electoral Commission in designing and implementing a civic education and public information strategy, and encouraged the Mission to continue its efforts.