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Team of UN officials prepares to visit Kabul

Team of UN officials prepares to visit Kabul

As the United Nations Security Council met in New York today to approve a plan for a political solution in Afghanistan, senior UN officials were preparing to travel to Kabul when security conditions permitted, a UN spokesman said in Pakistan.

"I can confirm that this trip will take place as soon as possible and will include political and humanitarian components," Eric Falt, Director of the UN Information Centre told reporters in Islamabad.

The mission will include Francesc Vendrell, the deputy to Lakhdar Brahimi, Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Representative for Afghanistan. Mr. Vendrell will travel to Kabul along with political and relief officials, Mr Falt said. Mike Sackett, the UN's Regional Humanitarian Coordinator, will also be a part of that mission.

"Separately, progress is under way to try and ensure the return of international [humanitarian] staff to Afghanistan," Mr. Falt said. "One such security assessment mission to Faizabad has been completed, and another one from Termez to Hairaton has also been done."