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Urgent aid needed in Gaza amidst unimaginable hardship

Urgent aid needed in Gaza amidst unimaginable hardship


Civilians in Gaza have been dealing with conflict and crises for seven months – a catastrophe that no word in the dictionary could describe, according to Yasmina Guerda, a Humanitarian Affairs Officer with the UN emergency relief coordination agency, OCHA.

In an interview with UN News’s Jerome Bernard, Ms. Guerda spoke about the unmissable destruction, the lack of basic necessities for civilians, and their daily battle to survive. 

Additionally, she said, challenges derived from the war have resulted in difficulties in bringing staff and supplies into Gaza, leaving many without much-needed aid.

Ms. Guerda called on people everywhere to reach out to decision-makers to demand that international law, human rights, and dignity be respected and to play any role in aiding civilians in Gaza. 

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Jerome Bernard, UN News
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