Mobilizing countries to beat back ‘voracious’ Desert Locust threat in East Africa

10 February 2020

Locust swarms of a magnitude not seen in decades are devastating crops and placing millions at risk of hunger in the Horn of Africa. 

UN agencies are pushing for greater international assistance for Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia—the three countries most affected by the Desert Locust invasion which could worsen with the arrival of the rainy season in March. 

Keith Cressman, Senior Locust Forecasting Officer with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said the agency is seeking $76 million to scale-up aerial spraying against the “voracious” locusts and protect livelihoods. 

Dianne Penn asked him about the likelihood of a humanitarian catastrophe in a region already rendered fragile by recent cycles of poor rains, drought and severe flooding.   

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Dianne Penn - UN News
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