UN Gender Focus: women in the UN, violence against men and women farmers in South Sudan

15 December 2016

Exhibition showcases how women helped shape the UN

Women are on the receiving end of violence in today’s conflicts and therefore better at prevention and sustaining peace, the Ambassador of Colombia to the UN has said. Maria Emma Mejia spoke before the launch of a UN exhibition this month, showcasing how women helped shape the United Nations throughout the years. Along with a coalition of 66 Member States, she helped advocate for a woman for the post of Secretary-General during this year’s selection process. Ambassador Meija told Rocio Franco she is now pushing for gender parity at the UN.

Kelli Muddell. UN Photo/Andita Listyarini

“Lack of recognition” in addressing sexual violence against men and boys

There has been a “lack of recognition” in addressing sexual violence against men and boys, according to a gender specialist, speaking at UN Headquarters. Kelli Muddell is Director of the Gender Justice Program at the International Center for Transitional Justice, a UN partner organization that specializes in providing redress for human rights abuses in post-conflict areas. She said most male victims are embarrassed to come forward because it is an act that “challenges their manhood”. Andita Listyarini asked Ms Muddell how serious the problem was for men and boys.

South Sudanese farmer. Photo: FAO/Jean Di Marino (file photo)

“Schools without walls” transforming lives of women farmers in South Sudan

Women in South Sudan are learning key farming skills in what have been described as “schools without walls” as part of a project set up by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). There are some 600 farming schools in the country which focus on agricultural techniques as well as livelihood and other social issues. Sebit William has been speaking to Rose Adede, who is a FAO gender affairs officer in South Sudan.

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