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Edward R Murrow joins forces with UN Radio to highlight Europe’s children in need

To mark World Radio Day, celebrated on 13 February, UN News has reached back into our audio archives to a classic collaboration between UN Radio and the great broadcaster Edward R Murrow.

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'We will succeed', pledges force commander of deadly Mali mission

The man in charge of blue helmets serving at the UN’s deadliest peacekeeping mission, which is facing serious shortfalls in equipment and personnel, has pledged to succeed - if he’s given the tools to do the job.

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Death penalty in Iran applied “for all kinds of crimes”: UN expert

The death penalty is applied for many different crimes in Iran, but no official figures are released for who is on death row, or what they are accused of.

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Global food prices dip, surpluses to hit new highs

Prices have declined for some of the world’s most important foods as harvests continue to outstrip demand, the UN food and agricultural agency (FAO) said on Thursday.

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Myanmar children facing “hell on earth”

A major alert has been issued for hundreds of thousands of Myanmar youngsters who’ve been forced to seek shelter in what’s been described as a “hell on earth” of makeshift camps in southern Bangladesh.

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Violence against Rohingyas is “exceptional": UN refugee chief

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has said that the violence experienced by refugees who’ve fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh is among the worst he has encountered – and that their plight is a “recipe” for a health “disaster”.

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“Scales have tipped” in fight against HIV

A key milestone has been reached in the fight against HIV, according to UN health experts, who say that more than half of all sufferers now have access to treatment.

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Children "increasingly targeted" in CAR violence

Horrific and deadly acts of violence against babies and children have been reported in the Central African Republic (CAR), where fighting has forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent months.

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Why fitting in is often migrants’ biggest challenge

Helping migrants integrate into host communities is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing, but it’s something that’s frequently misunderstood by authorities, the UN has said.

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“Not that late” on SDGs: Commission chief on Arab states

Arab states are late in beginning the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), due largely to conflict and instabi

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