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Bringing the world into better focus

A two-day United Nations-backed conference focused on developing a better global future through the power of storytelling and documentary film.

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Least developed countries need continued support

The United Nations recognizes that the least developed countries, known as the LDCs, need special international support to get out of poverty.

More than 880 million people in the world live in these countries, the majority of which are in Africa.

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Security Council takes up women, peace and security

While much has been done to improve the situation of women when it comes to peace and security in the context of UN missions and resolutions of conflicts, much more needs to still needs to be done.

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Kofi Annan to brief Security Council about Syria challenges

UN-Arab League Joint Special Envoy Kofi Annan will brief the Security Council on Tuesday as a fragile cessation of violence in Syria enters its second week.

The closed-door meeting comes days after the Council unanimously agreed to deploy a 300-strong UN Supervision Mission in Syria.

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Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

The 21st Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice opened Monday 23 April in Vienna with speakers acknowledging that transnational organized crime is one of the 21st century’s key challenges and a threat to su

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WHO launches measles campaign: “Protect your world–Get vaccinated”

Measles is on the rise due in part to a decrease in both political commitment and funding, according to the World Health Organization.

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UN forum stresses potential of youth as force for progress

This generation of youth is the largest in history and it is also the focus of the 45th session of the Commission on Population and Development.

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World Book Day 2012 celebrates the work of translators

World Book Day is celebrated annually on 23 April.

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Harmony with nature on World Earth Day

International Mother Earth Day is being observed on April 22.

In 2009, the General Assembly proclaimed the day to promote awareness of the interdependence between human beings, other living species, and the planet.

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UN observer mission to be deployed to Syria

A week after sending an advance monitoring team to Syria, the Security Council has authorized deployment of a full UN observer mission to the country.

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