In UN Assembly address, Angola emphasises its ‘decisive’ role in multilateralism

25 September 2017

Underscoring the importance of multilateralism in solving global tensions, Angola told the United Nations General Assembly about its strong engagement and “decisive” role in restoring peace and security in the region, with its commitment for economic development and democratic society.

“Angola's attachment to multilateralism is strongly emphasized in its role in solving problems […] particularly in the Great Lakes Region,” Ismael Abraão Gaspar Martins, Permanent Representative of Angola to the UN and head of the country’s delegation, told the Assembly’s 72nd annual general debate, adding that Angola has been leading diplomatic efforts with its regional and international partners to find a lasting political solution.

“We are increasingly able and fit to play a decisive role in restoring peace and security, particularly in Africa, and in furthering its economic development,” said Mr. Gaspar Martins.

He further stressed that his country’s recent peaceful election has shown stability and a gradual consolidation of democracy.

As a new cycle of Government begins, economic development will be one of the priorities for Angola and it is strongly engaged in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, which are crucial for building a prosperous and democratic society, said Mr. Gaspar Martins.

Full statement available here

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