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Top UN officials strongly condemn deadly bombings in Baghdad

Top UN officials strongly condemn deadly bombings in Baghdad

Top United Nations officials spoke out against the deadly attacks in Baghdad today, with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calling on all Iraqi leaders to join forces to curb the violence and promote peace and stability.

In a statement released by his spokesman, Mr. Ban said that he deplored the attack on the Iraqi Parliament, which reportedly killed several Parliamentarians and left many more wounded, “targeted Iraq’s elected officials and attempted to undermine one of the country’s sovereign institutions.”

He urged the country’s leaders to “come together in a spirit of unity in order to stem the violence and work towards a more peaceful and stable Iraq.”

Mr. Ban’s Special Representative to Iraq, Ashraf Qazi, also strongly condemned today’s attacks in Baghdad at the Iraqi Parliament as well as on the Al-Sarrafiya Bridge, calling on the country’s authorities to apprehend those behind the acts and bring them to justice.

The bombings “constituted attacks on the symbols of Iraq’s proud history and hope for its future,” he said in a statement.

Calling today’s acts “criminal,” Mr. Qazi said that they “demonstrated the horrors of wanton violence and the need for enhanced dialogue and national reconciliation.”