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Meeting of UN-backed International Compact for Iraq to convene in New York on Friday

Meeting of UN-backed International Compact for Iraq to convene in New York on Friday

The United Nations-sponsored International Compact for Iraq (ICI), which seeks to consolidate peace in the war-torn country and pursue political, economic and social development over the next five years, will hold a meeting in New York this Friday, a spokesperson for the world body announced today.

According to Michele Montas, the meeting of the ICI, launched last July, is being convened at the request of Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

“The meeting offers an opportunity to involve the larger international community in a discussion on how best to support the Government of Iraq and the framework” of the ICI, Ms. Montas told reporters today.

In a statement on behalf of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, she said he “looks forward to the participation of the broader international community at Friday’s meeting to help put Iraq on a credible path towards sustainable development and economic prosperity.”

The ICI is an Iraqi Government initiative “for a new partnership with the international community” with the support of the UN, Ms. Montas noted.

The delegation of Iraq’s Government, to be led by Vice President Adel Abdul Mahdi, is expected to formally present a document and will also brief the meeting’s participants on progress made in implementing commitments made under the Compact so far, Ms. Montas added.

Ibrahim Gambari, the newly-appointed Special Advisor on the International Compact with Iraq and Other Political Issues, will act as the UN co-chair of the ICI. The Iraqi Government will serve as the meeting’s other chair.

All Member States as well as representatives of multilateral institutions have been invited to attend Friday’s meeting of the ICI, which is jointly chaired by the UN and the Government of Iraq, Ms. Montas said.