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Concerned at terrorism in Iraq, Security Council calls for end to violence

Concerned at terrorism in Iraq, Security Council calls for end to violence

Following reports of a recent chlorine gas attack as well as the numerous bombings in the Baghdad area which have killed and injured many civilians and others, the United Nations Security Council today roundly condemned all terrorist attacks in Iraq and reminded States of their obligation to prevent them.

“The members of the Security Council urge an end to the violence in the country,” Ambassador Peter Burian of Slovakia, which this month holds the Council’s revolving presidency, said in a press statement.

The Council acknowledged the endeavours by the Iraq security forces and the United States-led Multinational Forces-Iraq (MNF), both of whose members are also being targeted in attacks, and extended condolences to all victims and their families.

Through its president, the 15-member body voiced hope that “the efforts of the Government of Iraq will contribute to bringing security and stability to the country,” and reiterated the Council’s previous call for Member States to thwart the movement of terrorists to and from Iraq, to keep arms from reaching terrorist hands, and to block financing that could potentially abet terrorists.

The Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Iraq, Ashraf Qazi, has been touring neighbouring countries as part of the UN’s bid to rally regional support to bring stability to the war-ravaged country.