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DPR Korea: Panel chair calls on States to report steps being taken to enforce sanctions

DPR Korea: Panel chair calls on States to report steps being taken to enforce sanctions

The Chairman of a United Nations committee monitoring sanctions imposed on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) after it claimed to have conducted a nuclear test, today called on all States to report on steps being taken to apply the measures against the country as well as on individuals supporting its military programme.

Ambassador Peter Burian of Slovakia told a formal meeting of the Council that so far, 46 countries and the European Union have reported to the Committee, which was set up when the Council imposed the sanctions against the DPRK in October, 2006.

All States, irrespective of whether they possess a potential associated with weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery and related materials covered by the resolution imposing sanctions, must report to the Committee on the steps they had taken nationally to implement the text, he said.

The resolution banned the import or export from DPRK of military equipment and specific listed items that could contribute to the development of weapons of mass destruction, and States were required to freeze the assets and ban the travel of designated persons involved in these efforts. Luxury goods were also prohibited.

Also today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, speaking to reporters at his first full press conference since taking over at the UN’s helm on 1 January, said he is “closely following the developments in North Korea, including its nuclear programme.”

Responding to press questions, he urged those involved in the Six-Party talks – the two Koreas, Japan, China, the Russian Federation and the United States – to work hard towards de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

“As to what I can do to help this process as Secretary-General, as I have repeatedly said, I will try my best to facilitate the smooth process of the Six-Party process and will engage myself in having dialogue with North Korean authorities if a situation requires me, in close consultation with Six-Party process members, as well as the Security Council.”