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Security Council reiterates need for 'global approach' to peace in central Africa

Security Council reiterates need for 'global approach' to peace in central Africa

In continuing ongoing efforts to strengthen cooperation between the United Nations system and central African countries, members of the Security Council today reaffirmed the importance of a comprehensive, integrated, resolute and concerted approach to the issues of peace, security and development in that region.

In a statement to the press, Security Council President Adolfo Aguilar Zinser of Mexico said members expressed their support to the proposals made by Secretary General Kofi Annan "to strengthen the coordination between the diverse structures of the UN in the countries of the sub-region and to promote the strengthening of the partnership between the United Nations system and Central African states."

The Council had been briefed earlier Thursday on the central African sub-region by Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Tuliameni Kalomoh.

The Council members also welcomed the Secretary-General's intention to dispatch a multidisciplinary mission to central Africa to assess implementation of a "global approach" to efforts aimed at bolstering the regions' capacity, the Ambassador said, recalling the Council's request last October that such an evaluation be undertaken.

"Members of the Council welcomed the ongoing consultations between the (UN) Secretariat and the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) for the preparation of the mission and the decision to associate this institution to the said mission as well," Ambassador Zinser said. He added that they invited the Secretary General to submit a report at the end of that mission with recommendations on measures to be taken for the implementation of that global approach.