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Iraq: 3 more banned missiles, 7 warheads destroyed under UN oversight

Iraq: 3 more banned missiles, 7 warheads destroyed under UN oversight

United Nations arms inspectors supervised the destruction of three more banned Iraqi missiles and seven warheads today as they continued to scour food plants for possible evidence of biological or chemical weapons.

The destruction of Al Samoud 2 missiles, banned because they can exceed the 150-kilometre range imposed by Security Council resolutions, and their warheads brought the total to 61 and 35, respectively, since the 1 March deadline set for starting the process. Twenty-two fin-tail sections were also destroyed.

Meanwhile, a biological team from the UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) inspected the Fasten Frozen Foods Co. Ltd, which produces dairy products, including ice cream, yogurt and cheese, while a chemical team visited the State Company for Canned Foods. That facility was found closed due to a holiday.

In other news, one inspector was killed and another injured in a traffic accident involving an UNMOVIC vehicle. The name and nationality of the dead inspector are being withheld until the next-of-kin have been informed. A spokesman for UNMOVIC in Baghdad said an inquiry is being conducted into how the accident occurred. "The UNMOVIC colleagues' thoughts are with his family at this difficult time," Hiro Ueki said.