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3 more Iraqi missiles destroyed under UN supervision

3 more Iraqi missiles destroyed under UN supervision

UN inspectors in Iraq
United Nations arms inspectors supervised the destruction of three more banned Iraqi missiles today, continued their search of food plants for possible evidence of biological weapons and checked factories and a medical centre for chemical and nuclear evidence.

Since the 1 March deadline set for starting the process, Iraq has now destroyed 58 Al Samoud 2 missiles, banned because they can exceed the 150-kilometre range imposed by Security Council resolutions. UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC) teams also destroyed missile-related materials and components.

UNMOVIC conducted a private interview with an Iraqi who had taken part in the unilateral destruction of chemical precursors in 1991, the tenth such private interview since 28 February. During this period, UNMOVIC was unable to interview five people in private due to a condition they insisted on.

Biological teams, meanwhile, inspected the Al Baghdadyia Co. for Juice Industry, which makes orange-and grape-flavoured drinks, and the Iraqi Dairy and Ice Cold Products Company, which produces milk derivatives such as cream cheese, yogurt and ice cream. A chemical team inspected the That Al Suwavi Co., which produces fibreglass materials and products.

A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspected the Saddam Centre for Cancer and Medical Genetics Research and the Saddam Neurosciences Centre in Baghdad in connection with the use of radioisotopes.