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Annan says memory of those killed on 11 September should serve to inspire better world

Annan says memory of those killed on 11 September should serve to inspire better world

The memory of those who died nearly a year ago in the terrorist attacks against the United States should serve to inspire a better, more just and more peaceful world, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in a message commemorating the events of 11 September.

Mr. Annan calls the anniversary "a day to recall the loss of those who died trying to escape the fire, and the sacrifice of those who died rushing into it. A day to recall the lives of citizens from every part of the world who met danger and death without warning, without cause, without a chance. A day to recall the spirit of unity that seized the world that day - from New York to Tehran to Berlin to Beijing - in the face of unimaginable horror."

The Secretary-General also notes that there could have been no greater affront to the spirit and purpose of the UN than the terrorist attacks. "Everything that we work for - peace, development, health, freedom - is damaged by this horror," he says. "Everything that we believe in - respect for human life, justice, tolerance, pluralism and democracy - is threatened by it. It must be defeated - by the world acting as one."

As part of tomorrow's schedule of events, the Secretary-General is slated to attend four ceremonies commemorating 11 September, including an interfaith service at St. Bartholomew's Church and a ceremony of remembrance at the UN's Headquarters, where he is expected to make a statement. Also scheduled to speak are the President of the General Assembly, Jan Kavan of the Czech Republic, and Ambassador John Negroponte of the United States, as well as selected UN personnel.

Afterwards, the Secretary-General is scheduled to attend a high-level open meeting of the Security Council convened to pay tribute to the memory of victims of the terrorist acts. The meeting will be chaired by President Georgi Purvanov of Bulgaria, which holds the 15-member body's rotating presidency, and is expected to hear statements from US Secretary of State Colin Powell and Mr. Annan.

The Secretary-General is scheduled to conclude his day tomorrow evening by attending a ceremony organized by the City of New York.