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Security Council condemns rebel attacks against Burundi capital

Security Council condemns rebel attacks against Burundi capital

Amb. Greenstock speaking to the press
Members of the Security Council today condemned an assault by rebels against the capital of Burundi and called on them to stop their attacks and to join in peace talks scheduled for next month.

"The Council was rather disturbed to hear reports of continuing violence in Burundi, including attacks on Bujumbura itself, with mortar shells and rockets being fired into the town," said the current President of the 15-member body, Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock of the United Kingdom.

Council members condemned the indiscriminate attacks against civilians, Ambassador Greenstock said, noting also that mines were being laid on roads in the countryside. Members were also critical of the arms supplies that have been allowed to go to the rebel groups to continue the attacks inside the country, he added.

Council members wanted the rebel parties to stop the attacks and the violence being perpetrated against civilians, as well as to join the negotiations that are set to resume in August in Tanzania on the peace process in Burundi, Ambassador Greenstock said.