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Security Council mission to Great Lakes urges 'inclusive' accord for DR of Congo

Security Council mission to Great Lakes urges 'inclusive' accord for DR of Congo

Back in New York after its mission to the Great Lakes region of Africa, a delegation of the Security Council has called for an "inclusive agreement" to pave the way for a transitional administration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The mission's final communiqué, released today, noted that its leader, Ambassador Jean-David Levitte of France, had called on the Council's behalf for an agreement including the Rally for Congolese Democracy (RCD)-Goma. His call came during a two-hour meeting on Monday with Rwandan President Paul Kagame. "This was the only possible way to achieve the establishment of a transitional government that was capable of guaranteeing unity for the country and assuring its sovereignty over the entire territory of the DRC," the communiqué said.

"We are determined to maintain our long-term engagement in favour of peace in the Great Lakes region," Ambassador Levitte said in Kigali, assuring President Kagame that the Council's 15 members understood his concerns about Rwanda's security and the need to take those concerns into account in the search for peace.

Ambassador Levitte presented the President with the idea of a "curtain of troops" which would permit a military presence in the DRC along its borders with Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi to ensure - in a limited portion of the DRC's territory and for a limited period - better monitoring and to facilitate, with the support of the UN Mission there, the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

The Council delegation said it was "encouraged by the discussions with President Kagame," and welcomed the positive progress which had been achieved.

Ambassador Levitte is expected to present a report on the mission during a formal meeting of the Security Council later this month.