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Security Council hails peace deal in FYR of Macedonia

Security Council hails peace deal in FYR of Macedonia

UN Security Council in session
Welcoming the Framework Agreement signed today in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Security Council called for the agreement's full implementation and urged leaders of ethnic Albanians in the region to publicly condemn violence and use their influence to secure peace.

The call was made in a statement by Council President Alfonso Valdivieso of Colombia, which chairs the security body this month. The agreement was signed today in Skopje by Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski and the leaders of four political parties.

The Security Council also reiterated its call to all who have contact with extremist groups to make clear to them that they have no support from any quarter in the international community. "The Council condemns the ongoing violence by extremists and calls on all parties to respect the ceasefire," the statement said. "The Council rejects any attempt to use violence including the use of landmines to undermine the Framework Agreement, which has been negotiated by the democratically elected political leadership of The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."

Reaffirming the sovereignty and territorial integrity of FYR of Macedonia, the statement called for the full implementation of Security Council resolution 1345 - which "demands that all those who are currently engaged in armed action [against Yugoslavia, FYR of Macedonia and other States in the region] to immediately cease all such actions, lay down their weapons and return to their homes."

In the statement, the Council said it supported the actions of the President and Government of FYR of Macedonia aimed at resolving the crisis and assuring a democratic future for all the country's citizens, "including through continued dialogue with the full representation of all legitimate political parties to strengthen democracy and preserve the multi-ethnic character of Macedonian society and the stability of the country."

Welcoming the efforts of the European Union, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in support of the agreement, the Council called on the international community to assist the Government of the FYR of Macedonia in facilitating its full implementation.