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Burundi: Council members back transitional arrangements pending settlement

Burundi: Council members back transitional arrangements pending settlement

Members of the Security Council today voiced their support for a recent proposal to advance the peace process in Burundi, while urging all parties in the country to suspend their hostilities.

In a press statement by the Council President, Ambassador Wang Yingfan of China, the 15 members of the UN body "warmly welcomed" transitional arrangements proposed by the Facilitator of the Burundi peace process, Nelson Mandela.

"The members of the Council called on all the parties to reach agreement on, and all States in the region to support, this proposal that will represent a crucial step forward in the peace process," said Ambassador Wang. "They urged the signatories of the Arusha agreement, and the implementation monitoring committee, to contribute positively to the functioning of the transitional institutions."

The proposed transitional arrangements aim to facilitate peaceful governance in Burundi pending a final political settlement, as called for by the Arusha peace agreement.

Council members "strongly urged" the armed groups to suspend hostilities, and called on all States in the region to cease any military support to those groups, according to the statement.

Concerning Burundi's requirements for outside aid, the members "stressed the need for economic and humanitarian assistance from the international community once the transitional government is formed, bearing in mind the security situation throughout the country," the statement said.